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Great NEWS about Niselle!

12 days after transplant and we have received confirmation of stem cell growth.

After a weekend of excruciating pain for Niselle, there is positive indication of marrow activity and her blood work shows that the antibodies and her white blood cells are increasing.

Niselle will be headed for a tough week of fever, temperature spikes and body pain due to this growth of NEW stem cells which will be closely monitored with morphine.

"Niselle, we are so proud of you! ..What an example you set for us all!

May you find the STRENGTH and COURAGE to push through this next week."

Candice King is the Pink Phoenix Ambassador going "Whacky & Wonderful for us this week to inspire you to DONATE towards Niselle's lifesaving and miraculous procedure of a bone marrow transplant.

Candice celebrated the news this week of being cancer FREE for 365 days, so this video is not only an INSPIRATION but a CELEBRATION today too!