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Liam Update

Nothing makes the Pink Phoenix Team happier than witnessing the joy on a parents face when receiving the donation for their child, as a beneficiary on the "Kids 4 Life" funding program.

Now WE would like to share the moment with YOU!

We could not do this without each and every one of you!... our sponsors, donors and supporters at our events. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

Update on Liam:

  •   Liam was admitted to hospital 3 weeks ago to have his stem cells harvested.
  •   On Tues, this week he had his Hickman port line inserted under local anesthetic at Parklands which his chemo will be fed through.
  •   Liam will be re-admitted on Mon, 16th Nov for the actual transplant and will remain in hospital for 3 to 4 weeks.
  •   Liam, you are the most precious little boy with boundless energy. We will be supporting you every step of the way to your recovery.
Liam Update