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After a grueling 32 days in hospital

After a grueling 32 days in hospital

 28 December 2015

 Kids 4 Life

A good reason to celebrate this Xmas!...what a miracle!

Niselle Naidoo is HOME!!!!...after a grueling 32 days in hospital receiving her lifesaving bone marrow transplant.

Niselle (age 20) was on the donor list for over two years hoping to find a match for her rare tissue type, and against all odds, she was matched with a donor in the UK.

Niselle was admitted shortly after to start the intense treatment to prepare her body.

Niselle's mother, Lovin Naidoo, kept us informed the whole way and what a nail biting experience it was... as so many factors were in play to make this work and so much could go wrong!

What a Xmas gift for the Naidoo family as they celebrate this VICTORY!

Lovin Naidoo's heartfelt words as she shares her VICTORIOUS update with us:

"Nisy's transplant was SUCCESSFUL! She is now in post transplant day 23 and will remain on various meds and adhere to strict protocols such as remaining in isolation till the end of next year to prevent infections or any risk of relapse.

Some days I felt so helpless and overwhelmed when I could see all the suffering she was going through. How does a parent ever comprehend that your child has to cope with so much when all you want is for her to live her life and to be a normal teenager.

The important thing now is that she has achieved her goal with this transplant and we will spend every day moving forward to see her healed again.

Thank you for all your prayers, support and encouragement during this trying time!..we are so grateful!"