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The strong one who holds up the rest

A friend, who's daughter is being treated for breast cancer, said to me.."it is amazing how the person with Cancer is the strong one who holds up the rest of the family"

We are so proud to be able to support this incredible young man of only 11 years of age, who is doing just that... Here is his story, written by his mom, Tracy

Jordan’s Miracle Journey

Jordan Smith is an 11 year old little boy who has been diagnosed with ‘Chondroblastic Osteosarcoma’... in other words a type of bone cancer in early March this year.

Jordan went for 3 operations in just over one week, just so that they could get a sample big enough to make the correct diagnosis. Jordan was then rushed to Pretoria to have this aggressive tumour removed from his bone in his left femur and a bone graph done which was secured in place with a metal plate. Nights in ICU followed this operation including a blood transfusion and an exceptionally traumatised little boy. The surgeon performing Jordan’s Orthopaedic operations in Pretoria is one of 3 surgeons who can do such an operation, therefore our trips to and from Pretoria were not an option.

Our world was shattered when we heard the devastating news that Jordan would have to undergo 3 months of chemo therapy; which meant that early March 2013 was the last Jordan was able to attend school.

Jordan’s 5th operation followed to have his port inserted.

Our only option was home schooling which we looked into; however; the first cycle of chemo resulted in a horrifically sick little boy who couldn’t eat or drink and was in hospital in isolation and anti-biotics for over a week. Jordan’s immune system was so compromised that he spends his days sleeping. The second and third month of chemo also resulted in Jordan being admitted to hospital in isolation for weeks at a time, needing 3 platelet transfusions. Through perseverance, prayer and determination Jordan managed to get through the horrific effects of chemo therapy and his major operation went ahead on the 31st July to remove the affected bone together with the tumour which has grown back to a large size in his left femur. Jordan’s Orthopaedic Surgeon was able to save his leg however the next chapter of devastating news was to follow...

The results came back that the initial chemo had only worked in destroying 30% of the cancer cells which brought about the shattering news that Jordan would need up to 40 weeks of toxic in hospital chemo therapy. We were left with no alternative but to re-locate to Pretoria for this treatment as Jordan needs the best professional care under the best Specialist Paediatric Oncologist specialising in solid tumours. This news brought Jordan total anxiety, depression and utter devastation as he was so hoping to return to school to be with his friends for the final term of Grade 5, 2013.

Still remaining positive Jordan hasn’t lost hope of, one day, being a professional Rugby Player.

Jordan starts with his next cycle of chemo therapy on Monday 14th October. Losing his hair for the second time, the devastation of it being a very lonely journey, constant blood tests and constant hospital admissions, together with the side effects of nausea, vomiting, no appetite; We keep reminding him that he is a warrior and that every day of suffering brings him a step closer to recovery and to the day he can proudly say:

~ Mom and Dad ‘I did it; I am a survivor; Nothing will defeat me.’

We pray and ask that you please help us on this Journey to cover the over whelming costs as we need to give our very precious son the BEST CHANCE, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Here is a letter that Pink Phoenix received from Jordan...

I love my sport and know that the doctors here will make me better and I never give up hope; my Mom says 'never say never!' I enjoyed Lanterns for Life and I say thank you very much for helping me and my family.

From Jordan Smith