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Brooklyn is doing well!

Dear Pink Phoenix

Just sending a quick update on the princess Brooklyn. She's been doing well here in the U.S. We've been battling other things like colds and rashes for 2 months but nothing that's putting her at death's edge.

The treatment here is absolutely incredible. Its been a true opportunity to bridge the gap by asking doctors here for help with families back in South Africa. We've been very fortunate to be seen by the doctors that found the treatment that Brooklyn is on so she is literally in the best hands at the moment.

Sam and I went for our first visit to see a psychologist recently to 'check in' and face some of our demons from this journey and the reality in which we now live. Nothing bad, but it certainly doesn't hurt to speak about the hardships and look forward to the future.

We're in the process of extending our visas for another 6 months as visitors here so we can get Brooklyn cleared up on what she's been going through. Hopefully things will settle nicely into the Winter months.

One of the things that really came across strongly from the psychologist appointment was that of gratitude. And funny enough your name came up quickly in our discussion that day. So what Sam and I would love to say to you is, Thank You! Thank you for being there for us on this journey.

Brooklyn Rex
Brooklyn Rex