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First time an Ambassador has fought the battle against Colorectal Cancer

This is the first time Pink Phoenix Cancer Foundation has featured an Ambassador who has fought the battle against Colorectal Cancer. Charmaine Erasmus has the most incredible attitude as she faces life with a colostomy bag... something most of us would consider unimaginable.

Here is an excerpt from her story and some behind the scenes pics that we all had fun with at her "Brave & Beautiful" photo shoot.

"I have no regrets in my decision to live with a colostomy, this is the new ME. I researched all about “Living with a Colostomy”, and found there have not been many changes to adjust to, I do need to chew my food well, still eat healthy, certain foods I have learnt to stay away from, small changes to my wardrobe, and no one would ever guess I had a bag as they are so discreet.

Most important was to find some humour in my new situation, unfortunately I have no control passing wind this does not happen often but will happen at inopportune moments,  all you can do is laugh."

A special Thank You to our sponsors on this shoot, who have supported this Incredible Initiative "Brave & Beautiful" for 5 years.
Photographer: Sean Baker Photography
Fashion Designer: Kathrin Kidger
Make-up: Nixon Make-up (Lindsay Nixon and Volenti Maine Bailey)
Venue: Durban Botanical Gardens