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Latest Initiatives
Aidan Mileham
Meet Aidan

It all began on the 29 March 2014, my dad's birthday. Me and my friends decided to go watch the first team...

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Chantelle Prince
Meet Chantelle

One Saturday afternoon I was lying on the couch watching a move when my hand landed on my right breast...

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Spike Farrell
Spike Farrell

I really am fed up with making mistakes. I do it all the time, and it's starting to get to me! My first marriage...

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Niselle's Whacky & Wonderful
Niselle Naidoo

The Whacky & Wonderful fundraising campaign is aiming to raise R150,000 in 6 weeks for her bone marrow transplant

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Candice King Brave & Beautiful
Candice King

My name is Candice King, I am 34 years old. Wife to the best husband Vince...

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Meet Liam Pillay - Kids 4 Life
Meet Liam Pillay

Liam fell sick at the age of 1 year. He presented with high fevers...

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Shalom Mkhize


 Kids 4 Life

Shalom Mkhize (7) is the beneficiary of R30000 raised by Pink Phoenix Cancer Foundation. Shalom...

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Lego Box Drive


 Kids 4 Life

  Brimming with excitement and anticipation, 38 children were overwhelmed when Pink Phoe...

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