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Aidan Mileham

It all began on the 29 March 2014, my dad's birthday. Me and my friends decided to go watch the first team play at our school. We got bored after a while and decided to start our own game of rugby, on the AstroTurf next to the rugby field. Everything was going smoothly and all the spectators for the first team game had left, we were pretty much the only people there.

All of a sudden I woke up to all my friends, including the tuck shop owner, heads looking down on me. My dad quickly arrived and helped me to stand up. He then asked what had happened and my friend explained that I was going down for a try and was tackled by the neck and very quickly pulled back. He also said that I was out cold for three to five minutes. My dad then thanked the tuck shop owner and my friends for taking care of me until he arrived.

My dad took me to the nearest hospital for a CT scan, but we had to wait for quite a while as there were very long waiting lines. I lay down in the car while my parents waited in the lines. The sun went down and I just wanted to go home. We were on the verge of just leaving when finally we were called for the scan, they then told us that the CT scanner was not working and then sent us for an X-ray. Strangely I also had a pain in my right hand so we also X-rayed that.

The X-ray scan for my head was clear although the X-ray for my hand showed a fracture at the base of my thumb. The doctors put a cast on my hand.

6 Months later, 9 September 2014

It was 6 months after my concussion and I still had horrible headaches and I was also vomiting every morning and I had a strange noise in my right ear.

We decided to go see a doctor to see what was wrong.

We saw a doctor named Dr. Bagwhan. He did various tests on me and diagnosed me with a post traumatic fistula at the back of my head, he said I needed to be scanned urgently and he then phoned Albert Luthuli hospital and found a bed for me.

10 September 2014

Today was my first day in hospital, I had never been in hospital before so I was a little bit nervous, my first night there was even scarier, I kept thinking that there were ghosts standing next to my bed while I was sleeping.

The doctors did an MRI scan and then after did a CT scan, and found I have a tumour in my brain. The tumour was on my cerebellum and was stopping my brain fluid from going out my brain and was causing pressure, to relieve the pressure in my head they had to put an outside drain in my head. Also called an EVD. Which was quite uncomfortable because I couldn't move around a lot.

1 October 2014

After many visits from my parents, family, prefects, teachers and my head master. I was ready. I had already had two operations for the EVD's I was finally getting my tumour removed.

I remember the day quite clearly. I bathed myself in the morning and waited for them to come fetch me for surgery. I was taken to the theatre.

I saw my parents and told them I love them, and then they took me in. The doctor who had given me anaesthetics for my first operation, greeted me and told me to count to ten, I remember getting to twelve though.

I was out cold for 9 hours, after the surgery I was sedated for three days in ICU. The dr said now we just have to see how I recover before I could go home.

17 October 2014

After 38 days!! 38 days of stress, relief, laughing and crying I was being discharged. I walked in a victim and "walked" out a champion.

I am so proud of everyone who cared for me in those 38 days, but I will always be proud of myself. After everything, I couldn't believe I came out walking.

6 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy. (I still have my radiation mask) and a further 9 months of chemotherapy and a whole lot of love and I am still standing, and I can still hear, talk and see.


I still cannot believe that I have done all of this. I still go to school, play sport and have all the same friends. My marks at school are still the same and I still go on sports tours. Although my rugby dream cannot be pursued any longer, I plan to join the rugby referee academy next year. That way I will still be involved with rugby.

I will never look down on what I have accomplished and I am very proud of myself for coming through this the way I have.

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